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NCR Terafina Launches Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)

“Terafina’s unique approach elegantly solves a challenging need and provides a personalized and targeted sales and needs based coaching tool that a member can use online or our branch sales staff can utilize to assist an existing or prospective member.”
– Raj Bandaru, EVP, Member & Support Services, Gesa Credit Union

An Intuitive, Guided Experience
for Financial Needs Analysis

FNA is designed to guide customers and prospects of banks and credit unions to financial solutions that best meet their needs. While consumers and businesses can choose the right products and services, the financial institution (FI) can gather key data to stay informed and deepen customer relationships across channels and products.


  • Track and understand products and customers needs with clear and concise analytics
  • View applicant responses and recommendation uptakes equipping product managers with insight to optimize the delivery of consistent and effective financial advice
  • Deliver increased NPS improving engagement with customers, ensuring greater share of the customer wallet for the institution resulting in a higher customer cross sell ratio
  • Improve time to productivity for new sales staff

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