Terafina Launches Version 4.0 of
Omni-Channel Digital Sales Platform

APRIL 26, 2017 11:06 AM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO, California. - Terafina Inc, provider of loan application and deposit account opening solutions for the retail financial services industry, today announced that Version 4.0 of its omni-channel sales and service-to-sales platform is ready for deployment at banks and credit unions across the country.

Full Visibility of Customer Relationship Enables Clients to Connect Online, Empowers FI Associates and Executives with Comprehensive, Real-Time Engagement Tools

Data-driven rather than forms-driven, the Terafina solution brings consistency to the customer experience, no matter which channel the customer happens to use at any given time. The enhanced version 4.0 of the Digital Sales Platform (DSP) from Terafina includes unique service-to-sales capabilities to convert service requests from current customers into new sales. DSP 4.0 also includes an improved self-service status portal that makes it easier for customers to interact with their financial institutions (FI’s) across all delivery channels including online, voice, and branch.

“This latest release Service to Sales Module transforms the FI’s typical Servicing Call Center into a customer’s Financial Need Management Center. Our solution would significantly improve servicing center operating efficiency and will empower a servicing rep to effectively identify and meet customers’ financial needs in one call. We have had many inquiries and requests during the past year about our omni-channel solutions. The market is demanding that financial institutions serve them in precisely the consistent manner that our DSP enables them to perform,” said Terafina CEO Meheriar Hasan.

According to McKinsey and Company, 65% of customers interact with their banks through multiple delivery channels. Inconsistency across channels is a primary source of customer dissatisfaction and churn. Financial institutions need a unified reporting platform that delivers a comprehensive, real-time 360-degree view of the entire customer relationship to all employees, from call center and branch staff to senior managers and executives. Such a platform enables employees to convert these service-related interactions to new sales. Terafina delivers that unified experience with DSP.

“Being data-driven rather than forms-driven sets Terafina apart from the pack. Most solutions consist of an application for a single product, and once that is filled in, the FI tries to cross-sell from there. It makes the customers conform to the FI’s operating model,” continued Hasan.

“But with Terafina, as customers pick the products they want, Terafina dynamically builds their application in real time whether they are online, using a mobile device or talking to an FI representative. It launches a smooth workflow path and makes the ongoing interactions between customer and the FI quicker, with less need to call to check status or to refer customers to other departments.”

Terafina Inc. based in San Ramon, CA unifies the digital onboarding and sales experience for banks and credit unions across the digital, branch, and call-center channels. Terafina offers the broadest spectrum of products digitally to your customers including all consumer deposits, consumer lending, mortgage, small business deposits, small business lending and commercial deposits on one single platform.

Terafina helps financial institutions turn their online and mobile engines into strong conversion tools that drive growth by strategically leveraging and positioning product offerings - all while building a collaborative and seamless experience across your channels. By maximizing sales opportunities at every touchpoint and interaction, Terafina reduces friction and moves more applications to completion.

To learn more about how Terafina allows financial institutions to deepen customer relationships, check out its cover story with The Financial Brand on Rethinking Your Delivery Model. In addition, its newest fasttrack digital storefront offering is providing FIs a unique opportunity to accelerate deployments and better serve its existing and new customers.

For more information about Terafina Inc, visit www.terafinainc.com. Stay up to date on the latest with Terafina by following on LinkedIn and Twitter .

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